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VR Film: 30 Minutes of Danger

By Maria Konidaris. You are Nassim, a teenaged boy, alone at home with a technician who reveals she has poisoned you. She demands you tell her where the ‘bloodstone’ is, in exchange for your life. The problem is, this is a case of mistaken identity. You only have 28 minutes. This immersive narrative experience lasts about 10 minutes
The Big HOO-HAA! Review Comedy RMITV
Comedy: The Big HOO-HAA! 16/11/2018
By April Austen. Every Friday night, a bunch of enthusiastic regulars and curious newbies make their way down to The Butterfly Club for 'The Big HOO-HAA!' Melbourne’s longest-running weekly improv comedy show. If you’re trying to find something fun to kickstart your weekend, this is a good place to be.
Melbourne International Arts Festival: One Infinity
One Infinity is a dance piece that grows from traditional roots and blossoms into a flower of meditation on the subject of unity.
Melbourne International Arts Festival: Watt
A lone shadowed figure crosses a grey stage. He hangs up his battered trench coat (also grey). His pepper-coloured hat. Puts down his bags. You notice his shoes are mismatched. This is Watt.
Theatre: 'Lou Wall's Drag Race' at Melbourne Fringe Festival
Lou Wall's Drag Race is a show with great ambition that fails not only on the punchlines but the set up as well.
Feature: La Mama presents Tes Lyssiotis' 'Hotel Bonegilla'
Laughing, Tes says she recently realised that one of the actors cast in the current run of Hotel Bonegilla was born the same year that her play premiered at La Mama 35 years ago.
Events: Circus Oz: Precarious
Celebrating their 40th year of performing, Circus Oz has returned home to Melbourne with their new fast-paced spectacular 'Precarious'.
Event: The School of Life- How to Develop Self Knowledge
On a cold Melbourne night I attended How to Develop Self Knowledge at The School of Life on Bourke Street.
Theatre: Opera Australia presents Don Quichotte
Opera Australia has brought this beautiful work by Jules Massenet to life in five acts of colour and passion.
Event: ACMI's Wonderland
To hit Melbourne this year is ACMI’s ‘Wonderland’, a Winter Masterpieces exhibition celebrating over 100 years of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland on the silver screen.
Theatre: Opera Australia presents Tosca
Opera Australia’s 2018 production of Tosca is the perfect cocktail of passion and violence of the highest artistic integrity.
MICF Review: Emily Tresidder 'No, You Hang Up!'
Emily Tresidder is a confident and engaging performer to watch.
MICF: Titus O ‘Reily ‘A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport’
‘You’d better like sport,’ was the popular response to my saying I was going to see writer and broadcaster Titus
MICF: Amos Gill ‘Where Have I Been All Your Life?’
Amos Gill went through a number of recent break ups and recounts them candidly with heart, along with some dick jokes, pussy jokes, bestiality bits and cracks on travel and Aussie culture.
MICF: Randy ‘Randy’s Anti-Crisis’
You’d be forgiven for forgetting that Randy is a puppet, within 30 seconds of his new show, Randy’s Anti-Crisis, the illusion takes hold and we believe that the pile of purple felt that is Randy can breathe, talk, and have opinions about God.
MICF: Demi Lardner ‘I Love Skeleton’
Demi Lardner’s latest show ‘I Love Skeleton’ starts with her clambering over the audience towards the stage, with her radio microphone taped to her face like an aerobic instructor.
MICF: Ivan Artieguieta ‘Matador’
Ivan has changed. He grew up wanting to be a bullfighter, a matador like the ones he used to see with his grandfather in his home city Caracas.
MICF: Fleabag
Last year, I spent a day binge watching the six available episodes of Fleabag, ostensibly conducting research for my masters thesis (something to do with liberal feminism and sexual liberation) and becoming increasingly enthralled in the characters’ lives
Event: Summer Treats! by YUMMY
Described as “A glamorous hurricane wreaking destruction and smiting the boring” by a very talented individual writing for In Review, Yummy has struck again.
Events: CLOSET: After Dark
Since 2009 Closet has been bringing drinks, dancing, death drops, and disco balls to the good people of Melbourne with endless ambition.
Events: Midsumma Carnival 2018
Carnival is my favourite day of the year. Straight out, no hesitation – I love Carnival.
Events: The Pleasure Garden
The 2017 Pleasure Garden Festival hit all the right notes but came off tone deaf.
Events: Fem&ist Film Festival 2017
Fem&ist is a brand new alternative film festival exploring female and genderqueer empowerment and, honestly, it’s fkn brilliant.
Events: The Pleasure Garden
After a wildly successful inaugural festival, The Pleasure Garden is returning to the St Kilda Foreshore on Saturday the 9th of December for its second year straight.
Events: Harry Who? The True Heroes of Hogwarts
On Wednesday the 25th of October proud Harry Potter fans congregated at the Athenaeum Theatre to celebrate twenty years since the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
Event: The Wheeler Centre- Festival of Questions
'The Festival of Questions' is a series of four panel discussions, helmed by some of our great contemporary thinkers, comedians and commentators.
Events: Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chamedian
Events: Circus Oz
What does it take to be a model citizen? Well, according to Circus Oz, there are a heck of a lot more ways to be one than you might think, that go well beyond the restraints of a suburban nuclear family with a dog.
MIJF: The Celebration of Ella and Louis
Melbourne’s Hamer Hall became home to jazz royalty last night in the special event of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, 'A Celebration of Ella and Louis'.
NGV Fridays: Van Gogh & Gareth Liddiard
Having no real knowledge of Van Gogh beyond his iconic Irises and The Starry Night pieces I was almost disappointed not seeing them.
Opera: Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci
Two classic operas traditionally presented together, Mascagni’s one act Cavalleria Rusticana (1890) and Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci (1892), are given a fresh and enthralling rendition by Italian director Damiano Michieletto for Opera Australia.
NGV: Van Gogh and the Seasons
Van Gogh and the Seasons is this year’s Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition curated by independent art historian Sjraar van Heugten.
Cabaret: Yummy
'Yummy' is like regurgitating your favourite meal, despite having no memory of consuming it. A glamorous hurricane wreaking destruction and smiting the boring.
He’s a local comedian who impressively garnered a huge Youtube fan base when he was still a teenager, and now he’s requesting MICF audiences to sexually objectify him on social media.
MICF: Aaron Gocs ‘Classic Stitch-Up’
He’s an established local comedian but could easily pass for your trusted, BBQ-hosting mate with a mullet…who is also hilarious.
MICF: Sam Simmons A-K
I’ve never seen Sam Simmons before. I have heard great things, on either side of amazing. The moment he walked onto the stage, toupee, sun visor, red sheet, doily thing around his neck, I thought this would be spectacular.
MICF: Jeff Green ‘Honestly!’
British-cum-Australian Jeff Green has been doing stand-up for over 20 years because, he tells us, he loves it. It shows.
MICF: Dairy Kweenz 'Normal Human Responses'
“An ensemble comedy show you say? A sketch show you say? Done by fairly inexperienced comedians you say? NOT FOR ME!!!” – Ben before the show
MICF: Glittery Clittery: A ConSENSUAL Party
'Glittery Clittery: A ConSENSUAL Party', presented by the Fringe Wives Club comedy group is exactly what it says on the label, and in the best way possible.
MICF: David O’Doherty’s ‘Big Time’
The Forum Theatre – a scruffy yet unmistakably charming icon – is such a fitting venue for David O’Doherty and his new show, 'Big Time'.
MICF: Kieran Hodgson’s ‘Maestro’
‘Please end up together.’ ‘Please end up together.’ ‘Please end up together.’ This is what I was thinking as Kieran Hodgson rounded up Maestro – his comedic opus.
MICF: Luke McGregor’s ‘Almost Fixed It’
I was introduced to Luke McGregor’s work through his documentary series Luke Warm Sex, which aired on the ABC last year.
MICF: Arj Barker ‘Organic’
Arj Barker is arguably Australia’s favourite American comic, a fact evidenced by his back-by-popular-demand, ten-night-only run of his latest show Organic.
MICF: Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’
oes one need to review Hannah Gadsby? And if one does, I feel like I’m the most underqualified person to do so.
MICF: Aunty Donna ‘Big Boys’
Hailed as ‘an Australian absurdist comedy troupe’ by Wikipedia, Aunty Donna is the high-octane, all-singing, all-dancing skit comedy trio taking the country (and even parts of Scotland and San Francisco) by storm.
MICF: Josh Glanc’s 'Manfül'
Dicky Rosenthal has a new lifestyle changing formula for you, and the products to go along with it. 'Manfül' is memorable.
MICF: Ben Pobjie – Degrassi Junior High the Dining Experience
For those of you who don’t know him, Ben Pobjie is a self-described writer, comedian and poet with ‘no journalistic qualifications whatsoever.’
MICF: Daniel Sloss 'So?'
Daniel Sloss runs on to stage with an arrogant smile. The Scottish born comic returns to Melbourne with one vague underlying message.
Events: Ruby Wax- A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled
American comedian and actress Ruby Wax appeared at Melbourne’s Art Centre this weekend as part of her ‘Frazzled’ tour. Hannah Jones was there to see the show…
MICF: Headliners (First Cast)
'Headliners' at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival is a glorious comic grab-bag of North American talent.
MICF: Puppetry of The Pen1s
'Puppetry of the Penis' broke my spirit. It hurled me into a void beyond time, outside of comedy, and into a version of hell that just makes you feel constantly numb.
MICF: Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience
'Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience' is a cabaret style love letter to the classic show that plonks you right in the middle of the cyclone that is a dinner service led by the Fawltys.
MICF: DeAnne Smith Post-Joke Era
“This woman: brilliant.” This is what the reviewers in the audience were instructed to write about award-winning Canadian-American comedian DeAnne Smith on Saturday night.
tangi wai 1
Dance: Tangi Wai… The Cry of Water
Tangi Wai… The Cry of Water starts with a single torch light, at eye level, shone in to the audience. The circle of white light draws attention and blinds your eyes.
brook andrew
Brook Andrew: The Right to Offend is Sacred
Black and white photographs of minorities, who stare with possessed, glazed over eyes, line the main gallery. A slash of red adorns the walls.
The Book of Mormon: mission of mirthy
To call The Book of Mormon ‘highly anticipated’ is an understatement in the extreme.
Kate Miller-Heidke & the MSO
January 28th saw Kate Miller-Heidke playing at the Plenary alongside the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
MTC: Born Yesterday
MTC’s 2017 season opens with the glamorous 1940s screwball comedy Born Yesterday, an apposite choice made six months ago when it looked likely that Hillary Clinton would take out the presidency, and even more relevant in the aftermath of the Trump inauguration.
Who’s Afraid of Colour?
'Who’s Afraid Of Colour?' is the NGV’s latest exhibition featuring a wide range of artistic works by Indigenous women from all over Australia.
The Ring Cycle: Richard Wagner’s 18-Hour Music Drama
You wouldn’t drive from Melbourne to Brisbane without doing some preparation. Are you well fed? Do you have sweet and salty snacks? Are you hydrated, alert? Did you go to the bathroom?
The Adventures of a Meredith Music Festival Tenderfoot
My journey to Meredith Music Festival (MMF) began at 3am on a crispy August morning outside Greville Records in Prahran, as I sat on a milk crate that I pinched from a nearby cafe for six hours.
The Odd Couple — the 1960s comedy that is as sharp as ever
'The Odd Couple' opens on a hot summer night in New York City and Oscar Madison (Francis Greenslade) is hosting a weekly poker game.
Realtime: Miyanaga Akira’s first Australian show
Yeats once wrote ‘The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.’ What if you could fast-track that? What if you could completely alter your perspective and perception of the world in less than an hour?
Friday nights at the NGV: David Hockney: Current and Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists
Is there anything more ‘Melbourne’ than Friday nights at the NGV?
Gizzfest at the Coburg Velodrome
In 2015, Melbourne based seven-piece band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard produced their first instalment of Gizzfest, a small, day-long festival comprised of various acts and groups.
Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Kinky Boots’ a one person show
In a sea of musical theatre it’s tough to stand out, but 'Kinky Boots' is a gloriously sequined fish that swims against the current.
The Wheeler Centre: Klein wilted in post Trump shockwave
On Saturday 12 November, Naomi Klein joined Aamer Rahman in conversation at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne CBD.
David Hockney: Current, at the NGV
‘David Hockney: Current’ has landed at the NGV, bringing to Melbourne a world exclusive exhibition celebrating one of the world’s greatest living artists.
O’Keeffe, Preston and Cossington Smith: Making Modernism
‘I hate flowers – I paint them because they’re cheaper than models and they don’t move.’
NGV: Neon Pink Car Wash Exhibition, a paean to suburbia
The NGV has taken a dip into shallow waters when it comes to its new and exciting Neon Pink Car Wash Exhibition.
Comedy Improv: What’s the big Hoo-Haa?
A little bit of friendly competition, a double dose of singing and rap, a whole heap of comedic improv, and a sprinkle of danger makes for a perfect mix of laughter, excitement and fun for the night, served in the comfy basement of The Butterfly Club on Carson Place.
NGV presents Andy warhol & Ai Wei Wei
There are no constraints in what art should be when Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei are put together.
NGV presents ‘200 Years Of Australian Fashion’
You might wonder, why bother going to an exhibition when you can search ‘Australian fashion history’ in Google?


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