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What's your idea?

Have you got a great idea for a new TV show? Think you’ve got what it takes to source funding, crew and cast to make it all happen? Ready to get started? RMITV accepts applications for new programs year round!

Producing television is a labor intensive process, but it’s also an extremely rewarding one. Each year RMITV produces a wide variety of content with the help of volunteer producers in conjunction with our Content and Development Manager.

Making a pilot is a good opportunity to experience the excitement and the rigours of developing a TV show. You can produce a series for a variety of platforms including both traditional media (e.g. broadcasting on C31 Melbourne) and online media (e.g. livestream to YouTube).

The types of support you can expect from RMITV as an Approved pilot or Approved production are as follows:
• Advice and guidance from our highly experienced Content and Development Manager
• Access to our database of over 300 volunteer members to draw your crew from
• Free equipment hires (including weekend use)
• Free access to our edit suite (within office hours)
• RMIT Studio access
• Access to our office for production meetings, computer, phone and internet access and printing (within office hours)

To pitch a program for RMITV, you will first need to complete a program proposal, following the proposal guide below. If your proposal is approved, you can create a ‘pilot’ episode. The pilot episode is then reviewed by RMITV before RMITV decides to go ahead with a full season.

Before you fill out the proposal, please read through and familiarise yourself with the RMITV – Student Community Television Inc. Programming Policy, which outlines your responsibilities as a Producer. 

To produce a program you must be a current financial member of RMITV SCT Inc. 

RMITV will not approve pilots or proposals if:
• Your content is too similar to a current or previous program
• Your production is considered to be too resource-intensive
• Your production only benefits a small number of people and not RMITV as a whole.
• You haven’t crewed on at least one full season of an RMITV Approved production

The types of things we take into account when reviewing your proposal are:
• The program’s relevance in terms of the aims and objectives of RMITV
• The program’s originality in relation to the content and format of existing RMITV/SCT Inc. existing content
• The feasibility of the program’s budget submitted by the producer(s)
• The producer(s) understanding of the commitment required in producing a program for RMITV
• The number of opportunities created for students and RMITV members by the production (the more, the better!)

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