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Studio Academy


2019 will see the launch of the new RMITV Training Program 'Studio Academy'.

Studio Academy consists of beginner and advanced classes for broadcast operation in the new television studios and will run over 10-weeks. The classes will cover: 

Week 1  - Vision Switching - Operation in Studio C/D - Beginner

Week 2  - Vision Switching - Operation in Studio A/B - Advanced

Week 3  - Audio - Mixer Operation in Studio C/D - Beginner

Week 4  - Audio - Mixer Operation in Studio A/B - Advanced

Week 5  - Audio - Studio Floor Box Operation and Dante - Advanced

Week 6  - EVS - IP Director Operation - Beginner

Week 7  - EVS - EVS Nano Operation - Beginner

Week 8  - EVS - Advanced EVS Use  - Advanced

Week 9  - Camera - Studio Camera Basics - Beginner

Week 10  - Camera - Advanced Studio Camera Techniques - Advanced

Beginner classes are designed for those who are new to studio operation while advanced classes are for those with some experience on RMITV or independent productions and are looking to advance their skills. 

Each class will be seperate so members can attend on an individual basis (or select multiple).  Each course is recognised by RMITV and the RMIT Studios and your completion will be recorded in our database.

Dates TBC. Check back soon for full course and booking details!

Any queries contact Joe at training@rmitv.org 

*Course structure and classes subject to change. 

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