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Television: Netflix’s 'Maniac'- a new frontier for mental health on screen

Netflix’s, Maniac is the newest limited series to fruition from the depths of Netflix’s seemingly never ending pockets.
Television: Doctor Who, Season 10, Episode 12 – ‘The Doctor Falls’
“I do what I do because it’s right. Because it’s decent. And above all it is kind, it’s just that. Just kind.”
Top 5 TV Characters
This is not a list for the greatest protagonists in television of all time. Let’s be honest, you already know who they are.
Television: High-School Hell: Buffy, a Season One Retrospective
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: a show you may have heard of, but never bothered to watch.
Stranger Things
Television: Stranger Things – Season 1 – Non-spoiler Review
By Jeremy Costa. Last week I was just scrolling through the internet, a bored millennial with ‘nothing’ to do, and I kept noticing that something called Stranger Things was being talked about all over the place.
Television: BoJack Horseman – Season 3
By Jeremy Costa. “I don’t know why it is so hard for you to believe that I could be happy”
got s6ep10_2
Television: Game of Thrones – S06E10: The Winds of Winter
By Jeremy Costa. “Before we usher in the new, the old must be put to rest”
Television: Orange is the New Black – Season 4 (No Spoilers)
By Jeremy Costa. Season 3 of Orange is the New Black left us on a very sudden shift in the prison dynamic with the old prisoners frolicking in a lake, the old guards quitting and influx of bus-loads of new prisoners.
got s6ep9
Television: Game of Thrones – S06E09: Battle of the Bastards
By Jeremy Costa. “It always seems a bit abstract doesn’t it? Other people dying.”
got s6ep8_7
Television: Game of Thrones – S06E08: No One
By Jeremy Costa. “Finally a girl is no one”
got s6ep7
Television: Game of Thrones – S06E07: The Broken Man
By Jeremy Costa. “If the gods are real, why haven’t they punished me?”
got s6ep6
Television: Game of Thrones – S06E06: “Blood Of My Blood”
By Jeremy Costa. Light on action but huge on character reveals, this episode of Game of Thrones was never meant to break the internet like last week’s ‘The Door’, but it was expected to be a bit more put together.
got s6ep5
Television: Game of Thrones – S06E05: The Door
By Jeremy Costa. Choice is a hard thing to define for a character in a television show.
got s6ep4
Television: Game of Thrones – S06E04: Book of The Stranger
By Jeremy Costa. This week we are bookended by ice and fire, each the setting for a type of reunion.
Television: Game of Thrones – S06E03: Oathbreaker
By Jeremy Costa. “There’s so much good in all of us. The best we can do is help each other to bring it out”
Television: Game of Thrones – S06E02: Home
By Jeremy Costa. “It is beautiful beneath the sea; but if you stay too long, you’ll drown.”
Daredevil s2_2
Television: Daredevil Season 2
By Samuel Rockman. Season one of Daredevil paved the way for season two to be a more stylized superhero show.


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