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butch monologues - midsumma

Theatre: The Butch Monologues

By Jasmijn Van Houten. Part of Theatreworks' Midsumma series. It’s raw, honest stories that really shine on a small theatre stage, and The Butch Monologues has plenty of those...
Perpetual Frustration Machine _DSC6133
Theatre: Perpetual Frustration Machine
By Annie Junor. This piece brings circus work and athleticism together with Lacanian analysis of Freudian theory. That sounds like a lot to take in, because it is.
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s: School of Rock The Musical
Before the curtain is raised at Her Majesty’s Theatre it’s announced that the children on stage will be playing their instruments throughout the two and half hour performance.
Melbourne International Arts Festival: One Infinity
One Infinity is a dance piece that grows from traditional roots and blossoms into a flower of meditation on the subject of unity.
Melbourne International Arts Festival: Watt
A lone shadowed figure crosses a grey stage. He hangs up his battered trench coat (also grey). His pepper-coloured hat. Puts down his bags. You notice his shoes are mismatched. This is Watt.
Theatre: 'Lou Wall's Drag Race' at Melbourne Fringe Festival
Lou Wall's Drag Race is a show with great ambition that fails not only on the punchlines but the set up as well.
Theatre: The Little Theatre Company presents 'Chemistry'
A simple double bed with white sheets languishes in the middle of the stage. It is all the set dressing that is needed for the next ninety minutes of candid, human drama.
Theatre: La Mama presents 'Hotel Bonegilla'
La Mama, a Melbourne institution, has always worked to make quality and fringe theatre accessible and approachable, all the while supporting new talent.
Feature: La Mama presents Tes Lyssiotis' 'Hotel Bonegilla'
Laughing, Tes says she recently realised that one of the actors cast in the current run of Hotel Bonegilla was born the same year that her play premiered at La Mama 35 years ago.
Theatre: Carnival of Futures presented by Arts House
Carnival of Futures is like nothing you have ever done before in the best way possible.
Theatre: Hallowed Ground
Hallowed Ground is a powerful piece meditating on the role of female medics in war. Transporting you through a history spanning a century, this piece will both inspire and astound you slowly revealing the history of women at war.
Theatre: Oil Babies
If you care about the planet (really care), then you should go plant based, walk places, divest your super, ditch the car, re-use, recycle and reduce consumption as much as possible.
melancholia 1
Theatre: Melancholia presented by Malthouse Theatre
Blackness fades as the stage is dimly lit; the voices start droning out words. At first they seem unconnected and incoherent but quickly begin to fall into a rhythm as they get louder and more persistent.
Theatre: Polygraph presented by Theatre Works and OpticNerve
A shocking death scene, a passionate kiss and a brooding set design bring to life the part metaphysical thriller, part murder mystery and part love story that is 'Polygraph'.
Theatre: Blackie Blackie Brown- The Traditional Owner of Death
The Traditional Owner of Death! This phrase instantly sent my imagination off in various directions, none of which involved a superhero.
unnamed (4)
Theatre: Bipolar Karaoke
‘Bipolar Karaoke’ is a captivating account of an aspiring singer’s struggle with Bipolar Disorder.
Brothers Wreck_Dion Williams_c Tim Grey_In Review_RMITV
Theatre: Malthouse presents Brothers Wreck
Stark. Dark. Difficult. Jada Alberts’ Brothers Wreck presents the difficult subjects of suicide, survivor guilt and their impact on young men, in an easy-to-watch way.
Theatre: Red Stitch presents Fury
Joanna Murray-Smith’s 'Fury' begins in the living room of a middle aged urban Australian couple – successful, self-assured and proud
unnamed (3)
Theatre: My Sister Feather
'my sister feather' touches on themes of family, forgiveness and femininity in a compelling, abstract shell that I found myself needing to poke at to let hatch.
Theatre: The Nightingale and the Rose
'The Nightingale and the Rose' is an hour of fairytale-like wonder set in a dark and mystical garden.
unnamed (1)
Theatre: La Mama presents Ellida
Ellida, the Lady from the Sea is a dreamy, somewhat scandalous and very metaphor-friendly story, set in a coastal fjord town in 19th Century Norway.
unnamed (2)
Theatre: Malthouse Theatre presents Going Down
'Going Down' is purely original, entirely from left field, and affronting in the best way possible.
Theatre: Opera Australia presents Don Quichotte
Opera Australia has brought this beautiful work by Jules Massenet to life in five acts of colour and passion.
Theatre: Carmilla
You are afraid to die? Yes, everyone is! But to die as lovers may – to die together, so that they may live together?
Theatre: Opera Australia presents Tosca
Opera Australia’s 2018 production of Tosca is the perfect cocktail of passion and violence of the highest artistic integrity.
RIGHT NOW_Mark Wilson, Dushan Philips, Olga Makeeva, Christina O'Neill_c Jodie Hutchinson
Theatre: Right Now
A dreamy and transfixing performance from start to finish, French-Canadian playwright Catherine-Anne Toupin’s Right Now is a surreal examination of trauma, loss, and passion, with a strong sense of humour.
Theatre: Bare
Bare is a pop-rock musical that has an incredibly talented cast bringing life to a narrative that has aged poorly.
The Book of Mormon: mission of mirthy
To call The Book of Mormon ‘highly anticipated’ is an understatement in the extreme.
MTC: Born Yesterday
MTC’s 2017 season opens with the glamorous 1940s screwball comedy Born Yesterday, an apposite choice made six months ago when it looked likely that Hillary Clinton would take out the presidency, and even more relevant in the aftermath of the Trump inauguration.
The Odd Couple — the 1960s comedy that is as sharp as ever
'The Odd Couple' opens on a hot summer night in New York City and Oscar Madison (Francis Greenslade) is hosting a weekly poker game.
Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Kinky Boots’ a one person show
In a sea of musical theatre it’s tough to stand out, but 'Kinky Boots' is a gloriously sequined fish that swims against the current.


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